Poisoned Animals

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From Wildcare: Skunk caught in rat poison bait box – Youtube video.

Reports of poisoned coyote in Alhambra

Alhambra Residents Concerned Over Coyote With Mange Seen Roaming Neighborhoodshowed up in their neighborhood

Pasadena Star News
Here’s how these Alhambra residents handled a sickly coyote that showed up in their neighborhood
Second sick-looking coyote seen in Alhambra

Coyote in Altadena, among MANY! There is an outbreak of very sad coyotes that look like this in that area.


Animal Testing

Click here: Dogs and Cats Suffer, Die at Liberty Research 

These shameful scenes, revealed in a PETA eyewitness investigation, were business as usual at Liberty Research, Inc. (Liberty), a multimillion-dollar contract testing laboratory and dog and cat breeding company whose workers tormented animals, engaged in bad science, cut corners to increase profits, and fostered a pervasive culture of animal neglect.

Click here: Workers drilled into dogs’ skulls and injected distemper virus directly into their brains.

Beagle in lab cage

What a PETA eyewitness documented at Liberty Research, Inc., is horrifying: In one experiment, workers used a drill to bore holes into the skulls of 30 beagles so that distemper virus could be injected directly into their brains.

Rehabilitation Success from Wildlife Care of Southern California


P-23 Casualty from Anticoagulants