Pesticides in Our Environment

This website is about human exposure to glyphosate. It has skyrocketed 500% since the introduction of GMO crops. – EcoWatch – Human Exposure to Glyphosate

Here is a study which finds that Roundup is in 70% of Drinking Water

Glyphosate is in 13 out of 14 samples of – Ben and Jerry’s ice cream

Here is a website from the Pesticide Action Network (PAN) which informs you of pesticides that are on our foods, if you do not eat organically – WhatsOnMyFood.Org

Funny Youtube on what a waste a green grass lawn is – Breaking Lawn video

43 pesticides found in nation-wide study of women’s umbilical cord blood –

Pesticide Action Network on the big-picture of pesticide use in farms – Pesticides in Food