3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Kian Schulman
    I would like to talk to you before the next Malibu PRC meeting. I am a long-time Malibu resident. And would like to offer the services of my company pro bono for consulting. However, not for equipment if it deemed necessary to set up on-site in-vessel composting. I have watched the development of our community-owned properties and have continuously wondered. Why not develop model localizes composting sites. The City owns the Lumber Yard with a restaurant. It is next door to our Park and now the Bluff’s parks.

    On site, localized composting used for soil amendments will eliminate the need for herbicides, and improve the soils’ evapotranspiration rate, reducing the amount of irrigated water used. If we are upset that the local schools have PCB’s we should be even more upset to have to be walking around on toxic landscaping. And it is a much easier and inexpensive to fix.

    Derek Tabak


  2. In light of the recent years of rodenticide poisoning I humbly thank you for being here! We will (and have been) spread the word. We will see you at City Council. Further de-chemicalization from chemical fertizers are what we have been practicing. It has been an exciting adventure using soil amendments that are natural and have bonding properties to reduce the absorbtion of salts in our Malibu soils. We look forward to a day of healthy living, products and healthy soil !

    Bill Stange


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