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NPR Story on The Microbes Within

This is a great narrated animation from the National Public Radio website. It’s called  Exploring the Invisible Universe That Lives on Us and in Us. Find out what we are REALLY made of. Click HERE.



We need a Wildlife Crossing at Liberty Canyon!

Please read about National Park Service scientist and UCLA professor Dr. Seth Riley’s research on genetic diversity:
1)  Smithsonian: The Real Cougars of Malibu Have Lives Full of Murder, Bad Sex and Poison
2) Los Angeles Times
3) Science news item. This journal is the most prestigious general science research publication in the US.
4) Pasadena KPCC radio story with audio.
5) This is a link to Seth’s actual scientific article in the journal Current Biology, but subscription or library access is required


Microbe World


Click here to listen –
Fascinating BBC podcast –
“We have more microbes in our bodies than we have human cells. We fear them as the cause of disease, yet are reliant on them for processes as diverse as water purification, pharmaceuticals, bread-making and brewing. In the future, we may look to them to save the planet from environmental hazards as scientists exploit their ability to clean up pollution. For microbes are the great recyclers on the earth, processing everything – plants, animals and us. Without microbes life would grind to a halt”

DDT Found in 67% of tea from India, plus other toxic pesticides!


Click here to read the Greenpeace Press Release –

August 11th, 2014, Mumbai:
“Greenpeace India called on the tea industry to save Indian tea from pesticides while launching their report today. The study exposes the presence of pesticides, considered highly and moderately hazardous by the World Health Organization, in leading national and international tea brands. The report also reveals the presence of other pesticides which have not been approved for use on tea crops in India …”

“A large number of the samples tested positive for a cocktail of toxic pesticides. DDT was present in almost 67% of the tea samples even though it is no longer registered for use in agriculture in India …”

“All Things are Connected.”

click below to see the National Geographic Video that demonstrates how all things are connected and learn about the beautiful chain reaction that happened when wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park.

click H E R E  to see video :  How Wolves Change Rivers.gray-wolves-need-protection