Chip Osborne + Organic turf

ChipPhotoTurfBlogIn our research on Earth Friendly Management, a name that kept coming up was one of the first people in the country to implement organic lawn care on an institutional basis – Chip Osborne from Marblehead, MA. The City of Marblehead was a pioneer in non-pesticide lawn management. This started in 1998, and Chip implemented the plan there. He knows a tremendous amount. You can learn more about his background from his website. Please take a look at The City of Malibu decided it could benefit greatly from a workshop from him. The Department of Parks & Recreation provided the space for a workshop that Chip gave on January 28 and 29 – Malibu Civic Center, 23825 Stuart Ranch Road, Malibu.  All were welcome.

Malibu Parks and Rec. director Bob Stallings and manager Drew also hired Chip to do a soils assessment of bluffs park, trancas park. Chip included a soils analysis of the median on Pacific coast Highway. The Malibu Parks Dept. are currently reviewing Chips report that includes Chips recommendations. Then it will be presented to the city council for approval to move forward towards implementing organic practices on Malibu City ball fields and park turf. Fingers crossed there is the will and the funds for implementation.




3 thoughts on “Chip Osborne + Organic turf

  1. This was an amazing class. Chip Osborne knows turf, what turf needs and how to build the soil in a way to create earth friendly management practices that deliver more beautiful turf than conventional chemical soaked lawns and ball fields. Thank you Chip Osborne for opening our eyes and minds to a new way of looking at grass.


  2. Chips systems approach to true health of the soil and turf is exactly what we all need to begin to understand and implement so we can relieve our waters of the excess of nitrogen and phosphorus chemicals that pollute our oceans and rivers.


  3. Chip Osborne will submit his report and recommendations to the Malibu Parks and Recreation Dept. tomorrow April 3rd. Malibu City is on it’s way to becoming a leader in Southern CA with organic ball fields. Thank you Bob Stallings and Drew.


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